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Barbarah Robertson Pottery

Handmade Pottery for Home, Garden & Giving


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Wholesale Availability
We are currently CLOSED to orders from new clients.
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Wholesale is for qualified re-sellers ONLY
Standard Lead Time:
8-10 weeks  
Important Dates for 2022 & 2023:
We will be open to orders on February 1st , May 2nd and August 1st. We are no longer taking reservations or pre-orders.
Holiday Lead Time:
8-16 weeks — All orders will be shipped by Black Friday. — Please note, since all orders come in on the same day, we pull orders as they are received, and make them ASAP. Less complicated orders, local orders and smaller orders generally get done first.
Order Limit:
Due to overwhelming order volume, we have a strict 60 mug limit per order in place. This is non-negotiable. This number does not include spoon rests, holiday ornaments, bud vases etc…
Studio note:
We are a TWO PERSON POTTERY STUDIO, and can only produce so much, so quickly, please understand that we value quality over quantity, and want to make sure you receive the best pottery pieces we can possibly create 🙂
Online Wholesale Platforms:
(if you are not a member, please email me for a direct link and expedited application)
Further Questions about Wholesale?:
Use the contact form below, please include your business name, location/city/state, social media and a little bit about your shop! 🙂

Colorful handmade pottery mugs in a rainbow of choices! Choose from our standard diner mug or our cozy belly mug (shown)

Our Bee & Honey Collection includes mugs, tea plates, ring dishes, ornaments and more, perfect for year round displays

Customizable mugs are one of our best sellers! These mugs can feature your city, state, zip code, shop name, school/team or custom words/phrases.
Lots of fun color combinations available!

Contact us for more info…

Please include shop name, location, and website/social media in all wholesale inquiries

Recommended Care Instructions

How to care for your handmade pottery

Most of our pottery is both microwave & dishwasher safe. With proper use and care, your handmade pottery should last well beyond your lifetime. Here are a couple of our recommendations for long term use.

•When placing in the dishwasher, take care that pieces are not touching. Turn mug handles in, or place between the tines of the upper tier in your dishwasher. Make sure adjacent pieces are securely placed so they do not rattle around.

•When hand-washing, take care to not tap the piece or handle on the inside or edge of the sink or countertop. This can cause cracks that will appear once the piece is dried or reused.

•When using pottery to bake in a conventional oven, do not place cold or room temperature pottery into a super hot oven. Allow the pot to heat up with your oven to prevent thermal shock.

•Do not pour boiling liquid into a cold piece of pottery, or cold liquids into a hot piece of pottery! This will cause thermal shock, which can result in microfractures or cracks. If you suspect that your pottery is cracked, please discontinue use.

•Do not place hot pottery onto a cold surface, this will cause thermal shock, which can result in microfractures or cracks.

•NEVER USE over an open flame or stove top!